Residencies and Internships

Patterns of Flora with Frances Priest

In April 2015 I worked for Edinburgh based artist Frances Priest and arts organisation Atlas Arts as a Ceramics Intern. Frances had been commissioned to design ceramic artworks inspired by the varied flora of the Isle of Raasay. The intricately produced ceramic work took the form of various architectural features within Raasay house such as door handles, push pads and window ledge inlays, as well as a run of 150 limited addition Parian vases and a map of the featured habitats.

The focus of my role was to prepare each vase using diamond pads to polish the surface of the parian, making it wonderfully smooth and tactile. I then applied a ceramic transfer, created from Frances’ original artwork, before loading them into the kiln for the final firing.

I also observed a ceramics workshop as part of Frances’ work with arts organisation Artlink who aim to increase opportunities in the arts for those who experience disadvantage or disability in the east of Scotland.

Following this internship I was asked to write a blog post for use on the Atlas Arts website documenting my experience which can be found here.

The project launch was held at Rasay House on the 6th-7th June 2015.

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