Artist Statement

Ceramic Influences and Techniques

I am a great believer in the utility of ceramics and take satisfaction from making every-day, practical objects more beautiful and design-led. I use a variety of techniques to achieve the forms I work on including slip casting, wheel throwing and hand building. I then use these forms as a blank canvas for my illustrations. I work mainly in white stoneware and parian.

My illustrations are carved free hand into the leather-hard clay before being individually coloured making them a work in their own right. My designs are developed firstly as original sketches made using pens and watercolour. The decision to specialise in this time-consuming process rather than use transfers is a conscious step away from mass-produced, disposable table ware and towards an ethos of slow-living and giving time to a piece that will then be used for many years.

I am drawn to scientific botanical illustration and this influences my drawings a lot. I keep a pocket sketchbook on me at all times and often add to it after collecting interesting leaves, flowers and twigs on walks. I try to look for interesting texture or pattern within nature which then informs my surface design.

In terms of specific artists I very much admire the work of Makoto Kagoshima, Tove Jansson, Greyson Perry, Craig Underhill, Carolyn Genders, Lucie Rie, and Elizabeth Fritsch among many, many others.

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