New Developments: Photography Research

I’m currently developing a new body of work based on the textures of brick and peeling paint that I see all around me in Glasgow. I felt that my pottery didn’t reflect where I was making it enough and so I started a research project to find inspiration for surface design and new forms that I could translate into my ceramic practice.

Over a few weeks I went for walks around the streets, buildings and alleyways within a mile of my flat to make a collection of photographs. This was a starting point to look at what is truely reflective of my surroundings and what I experience where I live. I’ve always appreciated the textures and layering of colours within Glasgow’s peeling paint and large tenement brickwork so I started there. I’ve slowly edited this collection of images down to the following. The layers of coloured paint with sharp, ragged edges either revealed by small fragments or large flakes seem so vibrant and visually interesting. I also loved finding the odd resilient fern or weed growing out from the cracks in the brickwork and thought that would be a great fit for my botanical illustration.

Peeling Paint Textures


Brick Work



Last week I started the process of developing a method to get the right surface design and have made a batch of mugs, jugs and bowls with the peeling paint textures.

First Pots


You can see examples of the finished pottery here.


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